Château Sigognac



History of Sigognac

A Medoc Sigognac is located on the plain of Saint-Yzans. It was built on the ruins of the Roman ’Villa Ausone’, whose thermal baths from the time of Ciconius were located in the earby ‘bois carré’. 16th century texts refer to the noble house of Cru Bourgeois since 1932, ChateauSegougnac which belonged to the Count de Lesparre.

From the 18th century, the wine of Chateau Sigognac was exported to numerous countries. In the museum of the East India Company of Lorient there is the model of a ship, dating  from 1740, on which there are barrels bearing the name ’Sigognac’. 

More recently, the Chateau’s deeds tell us that a Monsieur Martin Subercaseaux acquired the Domain of Sigognac (100 hectares) on September 8th, 1828. After many generations, Chateau Sigognac passed into the hands of Monsieur and Madame Caussade on January 21st, 1898. The Caussade family held onto the property for some time, somewhat reducing its size during the 1950s at which point the last survivor of the family, Monsieur Emmanuel Caussade, a Bordeaux wine merchant, sold his interest in the property to Monsieur Sarrazin. After the notorious frosts of 1956, Monsieur Sarrazin tore up and replaced nearly all of the vines. 

On February 20th, 1964 Monsieur Paul-François Grasset acquired this 58 hectares property and its remaining 4 hectares of vines.

The vineyard was re-established by Monsieur Grasset between 1965 and 1968, the year of his death. His widow, Colette Grasset, continued to extend the vineyard by first buying in 1971 15 hectares which were a part of Sigognac in the 19th century, then by continuing to plant the vineyard after her marriage to Jacques Bonny who actively contributed to the improvement and revival of Chateau Sigognac.

In March 2009 Monsieur and Madame Bonny sold the Chateau to Vineyards Allard SAS, chaired by Monsieur Christophe Allard.

Today Chateau Sigognac continues its process of modernisation whilst respecting the know-how and traditions which have made its wine so well-regarded.

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